EMC European Music Circle – very brief outline

  • EMC Initiated by Nils Landgren in 2008
  • First members all government supported jazz orchestra’s:
    •    Metropole Orkest Hilversum (NL)
    •    NDR Hamburg (D)
    •    UMO BB Helsinki (FI)
    •    DR BB Copenhagen (DK)
    •    Bohuslän BB Gothenburg (S)
    •    Norrbotten BB Lulea (S)
    •    Slovenian Radio BB (Slov)
    •    Aarhus Jazz Orchestra (DK) (former Klüvers BB)
  • New members 2013
    • Trondheim Jazz Orchestra
    • Brussels Jazz Orchestra
    • Scottish National Jazz Orchestra
    • Croatian Radio/TV Big Band
    • Orchestre National de Jazz – Paris

In the last meetings the members of the EMC decided to postpone preparing for a new application for EU subsidies to the near future, and first start to make the circle stronger and bigger and start making things happen between the members by initiating a website and starting  real collaboration . One discussed plan is to have compositions written for all members by composers from the other countries (all compositions inspired on one European theme, f.i. CO2/ Polution).

The goal is to form a circle of bands, playing in an orbit around Europe, in each and every country represented in this circle.” All bands should widen their field of performance and exchange thoughts and music.