European Music Circle Network aims to increase European cooperation in the area of jazz.


The aim is to increase the mobility for musicians, composers and conductors and strengthen the relationships with European best big bands.


  • Metropole Orkest Hilversum (NL)
  • NDR Hamburg (D)
  • UMO BB Helsinki (FI)
  • DR BB Copenhagen (DK)
  • Bohuslän BB Gothenburg (S)
  • Norrbotten BB Lulea (S)
  • Slovenian Radio BB (Slov)
  • Aarhus Jazz Orchestra (DK) (former Klüvers BB)
  • New members 2013
  • Trondheim Jazz Orchestra
  • Brussels Jazz Orchestra
  • Scottish National Jazz Orchestra
  • Croatian Radio/TV Big Band
  • Orchestre National de Jazz – Paris