Aarhus Jazz Orchestra

77_1Aarhus Jazz Orchestra (formerly Klüvers Big Band) is a professional big band with an international artistic level. It is based in Aarhus, Denmark, and sponsored by the Danish Arts Council.

In 2012, the internationally acclaimed saxophonist, composer and conductor Lars Moller was appointed artistic director, and new artistic directions for the band will be to incorporate new stylistic elements and approaches. Musical projects in 2012 include “Slayer Big Band Project”, “Geir Lysne” and “Requiem 2012 w. Choir”. Under Lars Moller’s leadership, the band will work toward broadening its stylistic and conceptual profile and elevating the artistic level of its projects, while maintaining the traditional jazz and band values.

Artistic themes
The following headlines describe some of the artistic themes that will serve as reference points in the future programming of the band:

  • The Global Big Band (including world music).
  • A Voice In Our Time (politically, philosophically, historically and spiritually)
  • Jazz Classics With A Twist
  • Rhythmic Development
  • Unusual Partnerships


Future partners
Aarhus Jazz Orchestra is looking for future partners (composers, musicians, big bands, festivals etc.) with creative thoughts involving possible projects connected to the overall artistic themes mentioned above.

Future projects 2013

  • Kurt Elling – Jazz Noir 2013.
  • Geir Lysne Global Project 2013.
  • The ReWrite of Spring (feat. his former teacher, Dave Liebman) and celebrating the 100th anniversary of Stravinskys “the Rite of Spring”.
  • The next few years will see the realization of several of Lars Moller’s longtime dream projects:
  • Bombay Beats and Big Band, combining groovy film and folk beats with the “raga”-based, rhythmically and melodically intricate Indian classical music (which Lars Moller studied in New Delhi for four years in the 90’s).
  • New Rhythmic Standards for Jazz Orchestra, transferring contemporary polyrhythmic jazz (and other) concepts to the big band idiom. The project could include an educational theme.

Contact info:
Lars Moller, artistic director
email: lars@ajazz.dk
mobil: (+45) 2174 9189

Mads Pinholt, booking
email: mads@ajazz.dk
mobil: (+45) 3024 2557

Aarhus Jazz Orchestra
Vester Allé 15, DK-8000 Aarhus C, Denmark, (+45) 86 20 16 88


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