UMO Jazz Orchestra

UMO was established in 1975. UMO JAZZ ORCHESTRA is the only professional orchestra in Finland specialized in jazz and new rhythm-oriented music.The big band of 16 musicians plays about 80 concerts every year in Finland.

The orchestra plays a diverse range of modern music that is on the pulse of the times. UMO is a creative group that works to make Finnish music in particular known throughout Finland as well as abroad. Our orchestra is regarded as one of the world’s leading big bands. By commissioning and presenting as much new material as possible, UMO encourages and supports Finnish jazz production. As a result, UMO has been recognised all over the world.

Musicians in UMO Jazz Orchestra are some of the best jazz musicians in Finland. UMO is highly appreciated and one of the world’s leading big bands. There are over 100 musicians, composers, directors and artists wotking with UMO Jazz Orchestra every year.

The orchestra consists of Finland’s leading jazz musicians, and acts as another kind of music school, offering musicians hands-on training in popular and jazz music.

Audience outreach work at UMO is a music education and audience education effort whose purpose is to reach a variety of population groups to make UMO activities more accessible. Live music is conducive to wellbeing and health.

UMO engages in audience outreach activities with children and adolescents, with senior citizens and with special needs groups. UMO gives concerts at schools and daycare centres, visits the elderly in service housing and in institutions, and organises other pedagogical and training events.

“There are over 100 musicians, composers, directors and artists working with UMO Jazz Orchestra every year.”


UMO Jazz Orches­tra
Uutiskatu 2
FI-00240 Helsinki

Tel. +358 45 1290 160


UMO with Tuomo Prättälä